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Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance - Individual

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) became effective on January 1st 2014
Open Enrollment begins November 1st 2016 and ends February 28, 2017. 

All Americans are required to carry health insurance or pay a penalty.

To apply for a federal subsidy or get a health insurance quote and/or coverage 
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Individual Health Insurance

All health plans must offer affordable pricing, include 10 essential health benefits including maternity, and they can not rider a policy or deny anyone coverage. Consumers will be given 2 options. Purchase coverage through a public exchanges or purchase through a private exchanges. These exchanges are now called marketplaces. 

Public Marketplace

In the public marketplace consumers will be able to get a subsidy (cost reductions) to help pay for their health insurance. To determine how much you are eligible for, please click on the link above. The only way a consumer will get a subsidy is to purchase their health insurance through this marketplace. Most carriers will be participating in public exchanges and they must all offer the 10 essential health benefits.

Private Marketplace

In the private marketplace individual will likely pay higher premiums however they will have greater selection of plan designs as well as larger networks. Those consumers that have higher incomes and have existing health insurance plans will automatically be enrolled here.  However any plans that don't meet the ACA guidelines and the 10 essential health benefits will automatically be converted on January 1st 2014.

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